By the Numbers
A Data-Driven Look at Advertising and Media Risk

As a media or advertising professional, you know how to look at something ordinary and give it a new spin — to make it extraordinary. We may not have the same creative intuition, but we can help you take a look at numbers that matter to the advertising and design industries.

We've compiled a bird's-eye view, looking at where these areas are poised to grow and what the big picture means for firms and graphic designers trying to make ends meet. Consider it a little glimpse of what the future holds — as well as where your opportunities and risks exist within your industry.

Advertising Industry Growth Is Slow but Steady

Advertising Industry Growth Is Slow but Steady

industry growth in 2013.
overall growth by 2018.
job growth for advertising managers by 2022.

Here's the good and bad news: the advertising industry grows slowly and steadily, basically tracking right alongside overall economic growth for the country. Basically, it means that advertising growth can be "boring." Unlike the dot-com booms and bust, there's steady work for advertising agencies, but not a high ceiling.

Which areas will grow the most? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, PR specialists and advertising managers will both see about 12 percent job growth, while graphic designers face slower development at seven percent. Within the industry, digital and online Internet advertising may promise better opportunities. Let's take a look.

Online and Digital (and Especially Mobile) Is the Place to Be

Online and Digital (and Especially Mobile) Is the Place to Be

of marketers worldwide increased digital marketing budgets.
increase in online advertising revenues.
of marketing budgets are for online advertising.

When 93 percent of buying cycles begin with consumers searching online, it's easy to see why digital and online advertising is a good industry to be in. According to The Drum, online advertising currently makes up about one-quarter of all marketing budgets (23.6 percent) and is expected to pass 28 percent in 2016.

The hottest area of online advertising? Mobile advertising is projected to grow by 67 percent and make up one-fifth of all online advertising.

Candid Comments: The Power of Customers' Testimonials

Candid Comments: The Power of Customers' Testimonials

Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%.
of consumers feel more negatively about advertising than they did in the past.
of people consider themselves overwhelmed by advertisers.

With 60 percent of consumers feeling worse about advertising than they once did, it's clear that the average consumer is feeling overexposed. It can difficult to form a genuine bond with your audience with the majority of consumers overwhelmed or merely put off by the onslaught of ads they receive on a daily basis.

So how do you sell a client's products? It turns out consumers are extremely receptive to customer testimonials. This strategy is effective with nearly nine out of 10 consumers. Perhaps increasingly jaded consumers find this style of marketing to be more genuine and respond positively to it. Or maybe exposure to social media and access to product reviews allow the average consumer expect to see how other consumers feel about a product before they buy it. Either way, this strategy has proven an effective way to connect with the modern consumer.

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