Media Mayhem and ADversity
Risk Management for Advertising, Design, and Media Professionals

Many freelance graphic designers, artists, and advertising professionals have questions about their media liability. Between IP infringement, online copyright laws, and disputes you might have with clients, running a media business can turn into mayhem.

That's why we've put together these resources to walk you through some of your copyright and media liability issues. Take a look:

Copyright Issues for Freelance Designers

Learn how to avoid copyright infringement and entanglements when you freelance for clients and agencies.

Ad Agencies, Freelancers, and Insurance: 5 Things to Know

Does your agency need coverage for contractors? What about your media liability insurance? Get the facts in this article that explains the basics of your agency coverage.

5 Online Copyright Issues Every Graphic Designer Should Be Ready to Handle

Online media means it's easy for other businesses to steal your designs — and it's easy for your employees to make a dumb mistake and infringe on a copyright. This article clarifies online copyright laws affecting your business.

3 Copyright Issues that Can Spell Trouble for an Ad Agency

Infringement, failing to transfer copyright, miscommunications with clients — these three issues can lead to expensive lawsuits and copyright infringement fines.

Copyright & Social Media: 5 Key Points for Advertising Professionals

Social media makes it easy for advertising professionals to commit libel or slander or accidentally infringe on copyright. Here's how to avoid those blunders.

What Advertising Agencies Should Know about Online Defamation Laws

Say something bad about someone online? Here's how to avoid digital and social media miscues that could cost you big.

There's No Such Thing as Intellectual Property Insurance — But That Doesn't Mean Ad Agencies Shouldn't Protect IP

Intellectual property or "IP" is a catchall terms for copyright, trademarks, and other intangible designs and ideas you need to protect. No insurance pays your losses when someone steals your work, so you need to learn to protect it.

4 Media Liability Issues No Ad Agency Should Ignore

False advertising, copyright, defamation, and freelancer liability — here's what your ad agency or graphic design company should know to protect itself from unnecessary lawsuits.

7 Things to Look for in a Graphic Designer Insurance Policy

Befuddled by your agency insurance? This explainer breaks down what to look for in a policy, how your coverage works, and translates coverage options into plain English.

Top 5 Risks for Ad Agencies, Graphic Designers, and Other Media Businesses

Lost files and missed deadlines are two of the top risks that could ruin your graphic design firm's reputation and cause you to lose clients.

Media Business FAQs: Get Answers about Your Agency Insurance

If you haven't found information on a topic we've covered here, browse our FAQ or submit a question to our agency insurance experts.

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