eBook Ch. 1
Understanding the Laws
Trademarks, Copyright, Fair Use, and Work for Hire

ebook Chapter Cover Image "Understanding the Laws Behind Trademarks, Copyright, Fair Use and Work for Hire"

Ch. 1: Understanding the Laws behind Trademarks, Copyright, Fair Use, and Work for Hire

We'll be the first to admit: talking about laws and media liability isn't exactly fun — but it's important to understand how these legal issues work. Advertising agencies, marketing firms, and media companies need to have a solid grasp of trademark and copyright law because their clients may not.

Indeed, your client might even push you into a gray area of the law, promoting ideas that might infringe a copyright. If that happens, you'll need to push back.

Lawyers don't care who suggested an idea. From their perspective, all that matters is that someone violated a trademark or copyright. Lawyers often sue "everyone in the room," meaning they'll go after you, your client, and any other party involved in a campaign that allegedly harmed their client.

In this eBook, you'll find a summary of how laws work for the following legal hotbeds for advertising, marketing, and design professionals:

You'll also find this information summarized in a handy one-page media liability chart you can find at the end of this eBook. Feel free to print this out, hang it over your desk, and reference it any time a client or contractor suggests a legally dubious idea.

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