eBook Ch. 7, Pt. 2
alse Advertising Dos and Don'ts
To Help You Avoid Lawsuits

Ch. 7: False Advertising: Don't Back Your Client's False Claims!
Pt. 2: False Advertising Dos and Don'ts to Help You Avoid Lawsuits

With a creative world fraught with lawsuit potential, what can designers, ad agencies, and marketers do to avoid these risks?


  • Verify any claims made by your client.
  • Be careful when making any claims about health or safety features of products — the FTC watches these carefully and you'll need clear research demonstrating accuracy.
  • Include fact checking as part of your editorial process.
  • Remember that even vague claims (like that a product is a "game changer") can lead to problems if they're only partially true.


  • Take your client's word that their claims are accurate.
  • Assume your insurance covers false advertising. Professional Liability Insurance MAY cover false advertising lawsuits, but insurance generally won't cover a claim if you knew the ad made false claims.

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