eBook Ch. 7
False Advertising:
Don't Back Your Client's False Claims!

ebook Chapter Cover Image "False Advertising: Don't Back a Clients's False Claims!"

Ch. 7: False Advertising: Don't Back Your Client's False Claims!

False Advertising


Is enforced by…

Pitfalls for media companies


Consumers from claims that are inaccurate and may cause injuries or mislead them.

The FTC and civil courts. FTC can file cease-and-desist orders and issue fines. Consumers can sue.

You can be liable even if you are merely repeating your client's claims.

FTC can fine businesses up to $16,000 a day for repeated violations.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) protects consumers against inaccurate or damaging claims made in advertisements — and it enforces false advertising laws among both businesses and their advertising agencies.

In fact, the FTC specifically warns agencies that you can't merely take your client's word — you need to check that any claims are true.

FTC false advertising fines can reach $16,000 per day. Twitter Logo - Click to Tweet

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