eBook Ch. 6, Pt. 4
How to Protect Your Business
From Defamation Lawsuits

Ch. 6: Defamation and Media Liability: Why Media Firms Need to Worry about Reputational Lawsuits
Pt. 4: How to Protect Your Business from Defamation Lawsuits

As we emphasized earlier, you need to be diligent and voice any concerns when a client suggests questionable communications and messages. If your client commits defamation, both you and the client might be sued. So you'll need to keep your guard up.

To protect your company, we recommend that you…


  • Check your clients' stories, verify information, and then check everything again.
  • Keep in mind you can be liable for publishing defamatory statements made by others — so make sure any quoted material is accurate.
  • Consult with your insurance agent to see if your E&O policy covers the cost of lawsuits when someone claims you've injured their reputation.


  • Assume your clients' information, stories, or sources are accurate.
  • Imply defamatory statements. You can be sued even if you don't expressly state such a criticism.

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