eBook Ch. 2, Pt. 1
Copyright Case Study:
PR Daily's $3,000 Google Image Search Blunder

Ch. 2: Copyright Infringement: Not the Highest Form of Flattery
Pt. 1: Copyright Case Study: PR Daily's $3,000 Google Image Search Blunder

With the power of the Internet at your fingertips, millions of photos and images are just one Google search away. But you can't simply "right click, save image as" and use any image for your business. Twitter Logo - Click to Tweet

PR Daily reports on its personal internal gaffe with copyright infringement. Here's what happened:

  • An employee wrote a blog post for a client accompanied by a photo of Omaha, Nebraska, found in a Google search.
  • Three months later, the client got an email from an attorney representing the owner of the photo citing misuse of a copyrighted image, suing for $8,000 in damages.
  • The owner of the photo persisted with litigation, even after PR Daily apologized and replaced the image.

After hiring a lawyer, PR Daily negotiated to settle the lawsuit for $3,000 in copyright infringement penalties instead of the original $8,000. Still, that's one expensive Google image search.

In an age where media companies produce content faster than ever before (especially if your work involves social media), an untrained employee could unknowingly use copyrighted material.

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