eBook Ch. 2, Pt. 3
Copy This Down:
Copyright Best Practices for Media Agencies

Ch. 2: Copyright Infringement: Not the Highest Form of Flattery
Pt. 3: Copy This Down: Copyright Best Practices for Media Agencies

Graphic designers, ad agencies, and media professionals need to avoid anything that could be interpreted as infringement. Here are some strategies that can help you develop a copyright practices plan:


  • Have a system for verifying that "fair use" exceptions meet the requirements.
  • Include language in client contracts outlining expected behavior regarding copyrighted materials.
  • Include language in employee contracts outlining how copyrights of the creative material they author will be handled (see our section on work-for-hire agreements).
  • Invest in Errors and Omissions / Media Liability Insurance, which may cover lawsuits when third parties claim you infringed on their copyright and damaged their brand.


  • Assume that any images or media your clients send is free to use — always double check that your clients own the copyright to use it.
  • Assume that work "inspired by" other compositions is protected from copyright lawsuits.

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