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Small Business and Advertising Liability Coverage for Advertising Agencies

Running an advertising agency is not for the faint of heart. Between fickle clients and ever-changing online platforms, you’ve got your plate full just keeping the doors open. Factor in the liability exposures that come with running an ad agency, and it can be overwhelming.

But the reality is that even sole proprietors offering advertising services have to think about the ways they could be held liable for things that go wrong. Sound unpleasant? Remember: we’re an insurance agency. It’s our job to think about all the terrible things that can happen to your business and make sure you’re prepared for them.

General Liability and Media Liability Exposures

For most small advertising agencies, the biggest liability exposures lie in two areas:

  1. General liability: This refers to all the things that could go wrong at your office that aren’t directly related to the work you do. When people trip and fall and hurt themselves, for example, you could be liable for their injuries. You can manage these liabilities with a General Liability Insurance policy. In the event of a lawsuit related to third-party injuries or property damage, this policy can help cover your legal costs.
  2. Media liability: This refers to all the things that could go wrong that are directly related to your work. When the radio campaign you conceptualize and execute doesn’t lead to the increase in revenue your client expected, they might sue you for the difference. You can help manage these liabilities with an Errors & Omissions Insurance policy (also called media liability insurance). If you’re sued over the work you deliver, a media liability policy can help cover your legal costs.

Depending on the specific services your business offers, you may also benefit from other policies. Read more about insurance for media professionals to find out how they can help protect your business.

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Custom-Designed Insurance for Advertising Agencies

As an advertising professional, you face certain liabilities unique to your industry: you're more exposed to claims of libel, slander, copyright, and other concerns. When you apply for insurance, you'll want an insurance policy that actually fits your risks.

You should get what you want. You're paying for it, right? That's why Insureon specializes in custom designing insurance policies to meet the needs of our clients.

We have insured more than 150,000 businesses and this is how we do it: we train our agents to specialize in certain industries. That means when you contact us, you'll work with agent who's insured other advertising agencies and knows which insurance you need and which coverages make less sense for your business.

When you get insurance from Insureon, you'll get small business insurance that fits your liability and your budget. Fill out our simple online insurance application, and talk with a specialist today.

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